9U & 11U State Tournament, 7/6-7/9

UpdatedWednesday June 29, 2022 byTara Knudsen.

Wednesday, July 6th
4:00 PM 9U / 4:30 PM 11U: Mandatory: All managers are required to attend the meeting in the clubhouse. Assistant coaches optional. Tournament rules and requirements will be reviewed and an opportunity for questions. TOURNAMENT DRAW will take place at this time.
5:00 PM: Welcome & Ice Cream Social: Free player and coach in uniform ice cream social. Concession stand price for anyone else wanting a cool treat. Music will be provided. Hoping all players and coaches can attend.
5:30 PM: Introduction of Teams & Opening Ceremonies: All team members and coaches must be present in full uniform. There will be a brief speech, singing of the National Anthem, ceremonial first pitch and all team photo taken.
6:00 PM: Skills Challenge: We will have 3 separate events: Relay Race, Accuracy Throw and Around the Horn. Four players per event. If you have more than twelve, extras will participate in the Accuracy Throw.
Prizes will be awarded to the winners.
Games Start at 9:00AM on July 7th and run through July 9th